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Beauty and the Badge (The Precinct: Brotherhood of the Badge #5) (Harlequin Intrigue #1176) - Julie Miller Beth is shocked when someone attacks her in her home. She hasn't done anything. She doesn't work for a top-secret organization. Her family isn't rich. So why would someone attack her? Good for her, that she's thinking all this while running toward her new neighbor's house, he appears to be the only one still awake after midnight. Well, he and his monster of a dog.One look at Kevin Grove's face and Beth starts thinking that maybe she shouldn't have come ask for his help. The guy looks like a thug. But is a police detective instead. And though Kevin doesn't want to get involved too deeply with Beth's case, he simply cannot help himself. Here's a guy who doesn't learn from his mistakes.Another winner by Julie Miller. Great suspense, great intrigue, sweet romance, and wonderful characters. It was wonderful to see the hero having a few hang-ups about his appearance and character instead of the heroine. It was a nice role-reversal, without descending into parody or humor. Nicely done, the reader cannot help but empathize with Kevin and keep his/her fingers crossed for a HEA to lighten the guy's burden.In this instance the suspense plot was pushed into the background, but since it didn't "sparkle" like the usual Miller intrigue, I certainly didn't mind. Besides, the budding relationship between Kevin and Beth was a nice little treat.