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Out of Sight - Stella Cameron Ugh. And to think this series started off great. What the heck happened?!The reader is yet again treated to a mess of paranormal and suspense elements that simply refuse to stick together, making this book appear rather twitchy. The plot is all over the place, the characters from the previous books have somehow lost their sparkle (Marley and Nat respectively), and the effort of introducing Wazoo, Nat’s “best friend” felt forced. And don’t even get me started on the issue of Poppy and Sykes. I’ve never read of a more mismatched (and not in a good way) and “cold” pair of leading characters.Usually such books have at least an upside in the paranormal/suspense department. Sadly, this story wasn’t one of those. The glimpses of what was going on around Poppy and Sykes were sporadic and dull, those baddies of the Embran have lost their flair from the first book, and, though started as integral part of the series arc, were relegated into the backdrop, revisited only as an afterthought.Really disappointing. And since two “bad” books in a row already start to make a pattern I won’t visit the Court of Angels anymore.