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The Longest Night  - Cindy Dees These SRS stories are hit and miss. Lucky for me, this one was a definite hit and a very pleasant surprise.Though it didn't concentrate that much on the suspense, the imminent "threat" constantly hovered in the background, keeping the reader, and the two leads, "grounded in reality".I absolutely loved Jake "Howdy" Harrington with his cool, icy facade, lack of expression and (apparent) lack of feelings. I just knew there was so much more hidden deep inside and the heroine, Shannon, caught on quickly as well. It was a pleasure to read how she coaxed him out of his shell, though the end result might not have always been what she expected or wanted.I had a few more problems with Shannon, though, but as soon as she got over her initial panic attack and her skittishness was explained, she quickly grew on me.Great depictions of military SOP, chilling depictions of Jake's state of mind during an op, great pacing, sweet romance, and some pretty cool action sequences. Though a great deal of suspension of disbelief was needed toward the end, this was still one heck of a story. 4½ stars