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Running Hot (Arcane Society, #5) - Jayne Ann Krentz Two aura talents are on a "babysitting" mission on Maui, when they stumble on a full-fledged Nightshade convention.I think I somehow jinxed myself a few days back when I wrote in a review Ms. Krentz can do no wrong with her Arcane Society series. Because there was something off with this book.It started great with a rather chilling prologue and a great suspense kick-start, but after the first half it started deteriorating rapidly, mostly in the pacing department with loads of explanations and dialogs, and in the suspense department as well, since the initial "target" died around the middle of the book, and the additional villain somehow just didn’t cut it for me.Also, the romance subplot had much to be desired in my book, since the chemistry that was supposed to be so obvious was just the opposite for me.So, three stars thanks to the first part of the story.