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Rescue Me by Anna Leigh Keaton

Rescue Me - Anna Leigh Keaton

Another awwww-sound-inspiring, sex-fest with a pretty solid plot. I seem to have found another solid author to keep me company with her short stories.

This shorty was cute, incredibly unrealistic (come on, who falls in love after two days of boinking in the woods?), but sweet nevertheless. I want to know if this Cooper Valley truly exists, because if it does, I'm on my way there. It seems to be the town with most eligible, hunky, caring, sexy, one-right-woman men in the US. And they all seem to work either for the fire department or for the police force.

Out of the three stories I've read in this series, this was by far my favorite. It didn't have a stuck-up or mercurial heroine, it had plenty of humor, some outdoor sex, an ugly dog, and a HEA (in the making).

Loved it and can't wait for more.