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No Escape - Shannon K. Butcher I’ve been looking forward to Grant’s story (almost as much as Caleb’s), but unfortunately this book disappointed me. I can’t say what really bothered me, but the story in its entirety just didn’t pull me in as it should have.Not even the fact that the heroine, though she had her "stupid" moments (like trying to protect a Delta Force operative’s back or pushing him away before he decided to leave on his own), was much, much, much better than Lana from the previous book helped.I like the reformed rake storylines, but Grant’s player background and flirty ways (evident from the very first book in this trilogy) weren’t very "endearing" and "hero-like" at least for me. And just because of those flirty way and playboy attitude the final reformation from rake to faithful husband was so hard to grasp…Or maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to read it.The next problem was the suspense plot and how it panned out. After two solid storylines, this third came off as a little flat, despite the obviously demented villain. His identity was revealed too soon slowing the pace, and the buildup to the big reveal was rather boring and uneventful.Truly disappointing.