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The Villa by Nora Roberts

The Villa - Nora Roberts

Another typical NR novel, if you ask me, only this time I much preferred the secondary romance between Pilar and David to the primary romance between H/h. For starters, because I didn’t particularly like the heroine; she didn’t want to end up like her father, didn’t want people to see her as they did her father, yet she kept making the same ‘mistakes’. Second, I didn’t particularly like the hero, either, though more than the heroine. And I simply didn’t see the connection between them, it didn’t click. Their romance was rather vapid and felt like it was there simply because of the author and her wish for the two to be together.

And the suspense also had much to be desired, especially the ‘revenge is a dish better served cold’ thing. I didn’t buy it, that’s for sure. And the villain turned out to be quite insane in the end and that outburst certainly didn’t gel with what we’ve seen before. I kept thinking he should’ve been more...mellow.

So why 4 stars? Because I liked it, despite all the above.