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Too Close to Home by Lynette Eason

Too Close to Home - Lynette Eason

This one started rather well, but it quickly fizzled out. There was too much of the annoying teenager hating and loving her father (hating without a just reason, but that’s the teenage way, I suppose—apparently she blamed him for her mother’s death, because they fought before her mother crashed her car; honey, unless he cut her break lines, I don’t think he was "directly" responsible), there was definitely too much God-talk (for someone not religious so much faith and God ‘banter’ grows tedious, or maybe that’s just me), and the middle crimes of the villain seemed quite disproportionate to the initial one (Okay, so they were getting too close, does that mean you have to shoot them with both a gun and a crossbow and even attempt to blow them up?! Aren’t you exaggerating just a tad, my boy?).

A lot of initial fanfare for such a measly parade. And the more that I read the less interested I became as to who the villain actually was and what was really going on. I just wanted it to end.

What intrigued me was the prologue, but judging from this book, I ain’t going there. Sorry.