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All I Ever Wanted - Kristan Higgins Meet Calliope (Callie) Grey. She' s thirty, works in advertising, grew up in a funeral home, lives with her grandfather and a horny Husky, and is completely in love with her boss, Mark. The man who kissed her for the first time, the man who dumped her a year ago after five weeks of bliss, the man who’s currently dating a statuesque Californian, though for him and Callie it was all about timing...The man who provoked the “emotional diarrhea” at the DMV witnessed by a Russian-assassin look-alike, who unfortunately turned out to be the town’s new vet that somehow makes Callie’s female parts tingle. Yikes!This story somehow fell flat with me. Maybe it’s the fact it started a tad too slow, making me struggle with reading, maybe it was the fact Ms. Higgins is starting to repeat herself with her stories (they’re already starting to blend together in my mind)...I just wasn’t as into it as I expected to be.We have the requisite single thirty-ish woman with a strange family, a dog, a hobby, and unrequited love who falls (despite herself) for someone she never expected to fall for, shenanigans ensue, the unrequited love rears its ugly head almost dooming the relationship, etc. The first person prevents the reader from getting the “full picture”...Come to think of it, they are (almost) the same, only the names/hobbies/dog breeds change. Yikes.