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In the Arms of Love - Barbara Cartland Yes, another one of those...A Mr./lord/baron/viscount/earl/marquis/duke/prince/king etc. needs a wife/pretend wife/ pretend mistress etc. to get an inheritance/get rid of an unwanted woman/rise in rank/complete a top secret mission etc., and there’s a convenient miss/vicar’s daughter/lady/princess/a friend’s poor relation etc. who just might help him, but there’s no chance in all that’s holy that he’ll fall in love with her, because he’s a rake and he will never change…But he ends up falling in love with her anyway.Some of the stories maybe have a little twist on the whole thing with a young woman of the ton needing a chaperone to accompany her abroad, but she asks a poor friend (possibly a vicar’s daughter) to go with her. Then said vicar’s daughter meets the friend’s cousin who happens to be a lord/baron/viscount/earl/marquis/duke and falls helplessly in love with him, but he thinks she’s a worldly and experienced widow and plans on making her his mistress, but she runs, he follows, discovers she’s actually a virginal vicar’s daughter, confesses his love and they get married.Sometimes there’s also a kidnapping/murder/coup/revolution/woman scorned etc. thrown into the mix to liven things up a bit...But mostly, only the names change.I liked it, though.