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Entangled - Kathleen Dante What a disappointment this book turned out to be. I loved the cover and loved the blurb, but once I opened the book...Blah. First, the blurb didn’t tell the whole story, which was evident from the first sentence. Second, the reader is thrust in the middle of a universe where spell-wielding is nothing out of the ordinary without any explanation as to why that is (no world-building, no easing into it if this is a series...zilch). Third, the pacing was shot—the entire story dragged, the suspense was no existent, and the myriad of sex scenes slowed the whole thing even more. Four, there was too much sex and not enough actual story, so the trips to PWP-land were many and close together. Five, this was purple prose at its best, until the “staffs”, “petals”, “portals” etc. stopped being funny. Gah.