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The Heiress in His Bed - Tamara Lejeune Sometimes stories of a naïve, spoiled, overly-confident in her beauty and intelligence country bumpkin that decides to travel to London to execute a half-cocked plan that would prevent her from marrying the man her father had betrothed her, only to end up in need of rescue immediately as she end up in a brothel thinks is a boarding house, work and sometimes they don’t. Only I don’t think there’s ever been a brothel slash boarding house involved.This one didn’t work. At least not for me. I severely disliked Viola, though Ms. Lejeune probably wanted to endear her to me. She failed. I guess she wanted her portrayed as a character with depth and onion-like, but I just didn’t feel like seeing her like that. She’s shallow, flying high on her importance, spoiled, and bossy. The only redeeming quality was the fact she didn’t give a fart as to what people thought of her. She takes no prisoners and while that is an admirable trait sometimes, sometimes it isn’t. While she didn’t care what people think about her, she also didn’t particularly care what some people wanted or wished. She was always right. And that bugged me. No one is right all the time!I acutely felt for the hero. Julian, that poor soul, had no idea what he’s gotten himself into by associating with such a shrew. She had it all planned out, his career, their honeymoon, everything. He only had to nod. If he didn’t, poor him. I admire strong women who know what they want, but she was much too pushy and bloated on confidence for my taste.So the romance between them seemed off, bland, lackluster, and weak. I just didn’t see them as a couple. They were more like bickering siblings most of the time, or high-school sweethearts that were bound to go each their own way, but no, they were getting married. And I just didn’t see the reason why.This was supposed to be a comedy, what with two idiotic leads, a menagerie of “funny” supporting cast, the misunderstandings ,the bickering, the arguments, the piling up of “comedic” incidents...And while it was funny at first, but it quickly turned so silly it wasn’t funny anymore. For a screwball comedy it screwed a little too many balls.