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Happy Ever After (Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet Series #4)

Happy Ever After  - Nora Roberts

And another great Bride Quartet book to close the series. Despite it didn't quite meet my high expectations (the sparkage between Mal and Parker in the previous books somehow mellowed down), I still loved it from beginning to end.


I think this was the book with the most perfect blend of romance and friendship of the series. While there was a bigger emphasis on friendship in Vision in White and Bed of Roses and with Savor the Moment more romance-oriented, this one struck just the right "bargain" between the two. Parker wasn't as mushy as Mac and Emma, and not as tough as Laurel, so the balance was rather perfect.


What bothered me the most was Mal. Where did the rather sensible guy from the end of Savor the Moment go? Sure, I loved his take-charge attitude, his scorching passion for Parker, his bad-boy-biker persona, but I expected more "opennes" from the aforementioned rather-sensible-guy. Instead, in typical male fashion, he kept it all inside, refusing to discuss anything remotely close to home, and in doing so pushed all the wrong buttons with Parker and then sulked when she told him to take a hike. Men!


Also, the big "climax" had much to be desired. Sure, it was completely in character with both Mal and Parker, but I truly expected more oomph.


Oh, well. I told you my expectations were pretty high with this book. Sill, I'm not disappointed. I hoped to say that this was my favorite book of the series, that Mal was my favorite hero of the series, but Del definitely stole the show.


Still, this was an amazing book with great mixture of romance and friendship, I loved the familial feel of the entire series, but this was truly topped it off with everyone nicely paired up.


And the ending...the girls have really come full circle. Beautiful, funny, sexy, romantic, friendly...A wonderful ending to a wonderful series.