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Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold - Jessica Bird

Well, it was better than Leaping Hearts, but still not par with her latest work under the name of J.R. Ward (though we're talking about two completely different genres).Once again I found myself hating the heroine. Her reasoning was rather narrow-minded, she loved double-standards, she simply couldn't make up her mind about herself, her father, the hero...Everything. I simply couldn't stand the woman.


I loved Nick (the hero, though). Despite all his flaws, his cold mask, and his temper, the guy quickly wormed his way into his heart and hasn't left yet. There's just something about a guy who plans his seduction rather meticulously and then ends up completely head-over-heels, mooning after the woman without exactly knowing how he got that way.


I love these kind of storylines, because I'd give anything to somehow reform a bad-boy. Not entirely, naturally, he has to retain his badness, but reform him just enough to make him see that he doesn't lose his 'tude just by falling in love.


And after this slight heart-outpouring let me tell you, this was a sweet, little contemporary romance, though the little jaunt into the suspense waters turned said waters a little to murky for my taste, making the story a little too genre-crammed. I liked it, though.