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Redemption by C.J. Barry

Redemption - C.J. Barry

***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***


Reya Sinclair is a "redeemer"; her mission is to find people before they die and offer them redemption and forgiveness if they want it. She's not doing it for selfless reasons, though, her own redemption and salvation is on the line.

Unfortunately, her mission is thrown into peril by a detective that happens to notice the trail of dead bodies she leaves in her wake. Thane Driscoll also isn't as pure as fresh snow, exacting his own style of justice in his quest of finding his father's killer...And the woman he's tracking just might be the key to that most important investigation.

I liked the premise of this one with the whole redemption/forgiveness theme and the heroine delivering both in order to save her own soul.

Unfortunately, the execution left much to be desired. It was a little too "preachy" for me with its religious undertones, the info dump was simply that instead of sprinkling information here and there throughout the story, the suspense was lukewarm, and the characters didn't really resonate with me. Both Reya and Thane left me cold, and the romance between them was a real stretch. I felt they were more friends than lovers, and as the "romance" evolved and progressed, the whole thing felt a little icky.