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Festive in Death by J.D. Robb

Festive in Death - J.D. Robb

There are murder victims that were such assholes in life, it's tough to muster any sort of pity. Trey Ziegler is one of those asshole murder victims, getting more and more asshole-ish as the investigation progresses. But Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a murder cop through and through and she's determined to find who dispatched the asshole and stop and possible further dispatching.

This was yet another book that showed its formula and template if you wanted to see it or not. It's either I'm getting bored (but I'm determined to stick with it until I finish this self-imposed reading "marathon") or the series itself is getting stale, repetitive and boring in the suspense angle of the proceedings.

While the characters are still "fresh" and exciting, even so many books in—I just love the connections and interactions between them, and keep discovering new layers and details of their personalities—the murder investigation/procedural aspects are getting duller, repetitive and predictable.

The suspense arc of this story once more failed to grab and/or hold my attention for very long, I couldn't really make myself feel pity for the victim (something I shared with the main characters) and hence didn't really care who ended him and why.
But, unlike in Concealed at least the characters and the "personal" side of the book, kept things lively and interesting...Or maybe it was just the festive time of year the story was set in.