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Ceremony in Death by J.D. Robb

Ceremony in Death - J.D. Robb

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is tasked with investigating the death of one of their own whose heart has supposedly given in. But before he departed for greener pastures, the man was seen buying illegal substances in a barely legal sex club owned by Selina Cross, a formed chemi-head dabbling in the occult.

At the funeral, the man's granddaughter invites Eve to speak with her later in the day, warning her of danger. Soon after their meeting, the girl hurls herself under a cab; the chanting left on her 'link possibly motivating her in taking her life.

Was the detective's death accidental, did the girl really simply commit suicide by cabbie, or are there darker forces at hand?

After the rather disappointing fourth installment we're back on track with yet another strong, solid, intriguing story.

From the start, the pace was deceptively slow, but it didn't lag in picking up speed once dead bodies and witches from both sides of the spectrum started appearing.
The suspense was gripping and intense, the mystery intriguing and, with the possibility of the primordial evil lurking in the background, pulling the strings, quite chilling in parts.

And beside the great story, we once more had the wonderful characters at the helm; Eve and Roarke were back in the romantic bliss brought on by love, there was some drama with Feeney to hammer home the fact Eve indeed does have a family outside her marriage, but it was the budding friendship between Eve and Peabody that really stole the show.

Fast-paced, well-plotted, intriguing and bit darker than the rest (thanks to the subject matter and some gory scenes), this book was yet another great installment in this series.