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Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

— feeling confused
Come Sundown - Nora Roberts

I'm out of ideas how to write a quick synopsis of this one (as I usually do), because there didn't appear to be a set arc to this story...Or a set main character or a couple of them.

There were just too many characters (without a main one driving the plot), and too many plot-lines, and sub-plots involving three different couples, a deputy sheriff with a grudge (which had nothing to do with the "main" plot, although the final showdown at least provided a decent action scene), a long-missing woman returning home with her mind and memories fractured, a sadistic man misinterpreting the Bible, and taking what he wants, a obviously younger would-be sadistic man in the making, a ranch, a resort...

There was too much going on at the same time, none of which really exciting and/or interesting. The pace was plodding for more than the first half of the book, and only picking up speed sporadically afterward. Neither of the three couples brought any spark to the "romance" aspect of the story, and most of the characters severely lacked in personality. The damned horse was more interesting than the entire cast of characters combined.

Slow, dull, rehashed (names, setting, some of the circumstances)...Definitely not one of Ms Roberts's best (or better) efforts.