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First Strike by Pamela Clare

First Strike - Pamela Clare

Laura Nilsson and Javier Corbray meet in a Dubai restaurant, and spend the next three nights together. But what’s started as a no-string-no-future affair quickly changes, and each makes a personal resolution to seek out the other next time they’re stateside...But fate has other plans.

This was short, hot, and sexy, but, knowing what will happen in the epilogue and the next book in this series, incredibly bittersweet.

Two people determined to simply share their bodies for a short period of time end up with this strange connection to one another, and wanting more, much more.
The sex scenes were hot, the scenes where they acted like tourists in Dubai sweet, that last kiss on the beach, and their last night together intense with that promise of something more, with a promise of a possible future.

Then the epilogue strikes, and although you know about the next book, the kidnapping scene is scary, and that last scene of grief in the shower, the promise of retribution chilling.

I can’t wait to read about what happens next and about why things happened the way they did.

Also, it was a nice surprise meeting Nate West before he met Megan.