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Summer Desserts by Nora Roberts

Summer Desserts (Great Chefs, #1) - Nora Roberts

Blake Cocharan III is planning on upgrading the restaurant in his family's hotel in Philly. And he wants the best for the job. And best doesn't come better than Summer Lyndon, world-renowned dessert chef with a penchant for perfection. As he gets to know her, that's not the only thing that draws Blake in like moth to a flame, but it'll take time and patience to convince her to give them a chance...

I hated the heroine.

I could easily stop there, because she ruined the story for me. She didn't struck me as quirky with her love of junk food, she just annoyed me. I couldn't stand her, her reasons not to want a relationship weren't that valid and/or believable (she just wanted to have the last word, I guess, and she always wanted to be the winner), and because I didn't like her, I couldn't understand what the hero saw in her, which ended up with me not buying the romance for one single second.

I liked her mother, though, and the hero (poor soul), and his parents...Everything else held the "taint of Summer".