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A Carnal Agreement by Silvia Violet

A Carnal Agreement - Silvia Violet

DNF at 8 %...Because no, just no.

The premise was idiotic, the heroine even more so for thinking up the scheme (wasn't there any other way...Oh, wait, there was, but she just wanted her flower to be plucked!).
The hero was first a pussy at his ex's engagement party (he got his heart broken pretty easily for a supposed rake and libertine), and then did a 180 and turned into an asshole. Spouting shyte the likes of...

“I want you easily accessible. More importantly, you will be ready to serve me whenever I want, day or night.”


“Go. Gather your things. Don’t bother with too many clothes. I don’t think you’ll be wearing them often.”

to a woman he just met...

What a prince.