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Midnight Lies: The Wildefire Series - Ella Grace Midnight Shadows: A Wildefire Novel (Volume 3) - Ella Grace

Midnight Lies & Midnight Shadows by Ella Grace

I can't be bothered with writing a separate review for each story, because...Well, it's a pretty much same review.

Slower than a sloth's pace, predictable, boring, and dull, with bland, one-dimensional characters, weak suspense, and...Did I mention predictable?
The heroines (all three of them) acted like they were fresh out of high-school and nothing close to thirty, the heroes were rather mature in comparison, making the difference in behavior and actions even more glaring. The girls' issues are glaringly disproportionate to what happened eighteen years ago (I'm sorry, but I just don't understand why you have to act like a brat/idiot/bitch toward the man you love just because everybody says your father killed your mother and then committed suicide), and the chemistry/romance between the leading pairs flimsy at best and non-existent at worst.
And why do they all have to be magnets for crazies? Predictable, glaringly obvious crazies?

I really don't know what to make of this series. Are we sure Ella Grace and Christy Reece are the same person? Because it doesn't "sound" like they are. I simply couldn't get into either story because of the slow pace and lack of emotion and/or chemistry between the two leads.

Maybe it would've worked better if this was a series of short stories instead of this overblown, overcomplicated, and "over-written" concoction.

A huge disappointment.