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All I Want For Christmas by Nora Roberts

All I Want For Christmas - Nora Roberts

Mac Taylor's twins decide to make a wish for Christmas. Only not any regular wish...They wish for the mom. Someone pretty, kind, with yellow hair, who loves dogs, and makes cookies. And once school starts, they know Santa listened and granted the wish, because the mom turns out to be their cousin's music teacher.

Now, it's only a matter of time before she becomes their mom. Unfortunately neither the boys nor Santa have counted with Mac's reluctance to see anyone, not only Nell, in the role of mother to his two boys.

A short and sweet Christmas story, with two cute little munchinks intent on finding the perfect woman both for them and for their father, a cautious dad knowing what it feels like to get cut at the knees by a woman and determined not to subject his two boys to any unnecessary heartache, and the woman who teaches him it's okay to trust and fall in love, while making sure Santa grants the wish of two little boys.

Maybe Mac was a tad too grouchy and "mean" that his back story warranted him to be, and Nell was definitely too upbeat, slightly naive, and too trusting for her own good, but they worked well together (when Mac wasn't being an ass), the twins were super cute, the story flowed nicely, and even though the whole wish and sleigh bells thing was a bit too sugary, I liked the story just fine.