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Midnight Secrets by Ella Grace

Midnight Secrets - Ella Grace

Being a fan of the Last Chance Series, written by Ella Grace’s alter ego Christy Reece, this was a true disappointment.

I didn’t like any of it. Nothing.

It was so slow, any slower and it would’ve been moving backwards. The initial backstory of the teenager romance slowed it even more, while all those chapters could’ve been spared .

I didn’t care about the characters, not in the past nor in the present. There was no depth, no personality, no emotion. They were one-dimensional and bland, and I just didn’t feel or see the supposed love between them. In the past they dated because she saw him as some kind of hero and he felt she was the only one who accepted him. Novelty, really. In the present, I felt nothing else drew them together but misplaced guilt, anger, and that heartbreak from so long ago that didn’t exactly scream realistic to me.
Everything was blown out of proportions, and the narrative style (with its incessant repetitions about how he hurt her, how she barely recovered, how that day ten years ago when he didn’t show up shaped them both, blah blah blah) didn’t help one iota. Also, the conflict, if one could call it that, dragged on for too long, and the final revelation was more laughable than anything else.
I suspected the depression angle, but once the whole truth was revealed, I just rolled my eyes and went…”Give me a break!” Too melodramatic, too overcomplicated, and overblown.

The suspense could’ve been the saving grace of this book, but failed to inject some speed into the proceedings and failed to deliver the punch the prologue hinted at. In the end there was no real suspense, no real danger, no portending of evil, nothing foreboding or threatening, and the big reveal fell flat and felt very anticlimactic.