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Shifter, P.I. by Bonnie Dee

Shifter, P.I. (werewolf detective) - Bonnie Dee

***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley (in Bad Boys After Dark set)***

The P.I. by day and werewolf by three nights every month, Rick Plazier, has a new client. Sexy, sultry blonde Angela hired him to figure out whether her husband is cheating on her. While following the husband, Rick discovers the man's possible ties to a strange cult, one also ties to a dead female body Rick has recently found, bled dry.
But that's only one of his problems. The other is his assistant/receptionist, Amy Chang, the woman Rick secretly adores, but is afraid to make a move due to his wolf-y nature. She's taken on an assignment of her own, trailing Angela on behest of his husband...And disappeared.

At the beginning, it looked like this would be the second (and last) good story in this set. It was funny, and funky, had two great leads who kept it interesting by bickering and secretly mooning after one another, a great possibility of suspense...But the mystery ended up being a little too off for me with the whole auctioning humans to the paranormal society, and the first person POV (jumping from Rick to Amy and back) quickly became annoying.

It had possibility. By cutting back the paranormal elements, using the suspense in a more human "setting"...It definitely had possibility. Keep the tension between the leads without the HEA and there's a possibility for a series. But possibility isn't enough.