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Savage Sanctuary by Ellis Leigh

Savage Sanctuary: A Dire Wolves Mission (The Devil's Dires Book 2) - Ellis Leigh

A pack in the Appalachian Mountains has found human track circling pack territory, but because the pack has an Omega in their midst, the threat cannot be ignored. NALB turns to the Dire Wolves, and Leviathan, the youngest of the seven, volunteers for the job. Little does he know that the mission will take him to meet his destiny...

I thought the danger to the Omega shewolves was over with the end of the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series, but turns out no matter what happens, there's always peril for a female, no matter the breed.

I liked this story. Unlike the previous ones, where Omegas were in danger because of some power play and politics, this one had a pretty close-to-home vibe with a stalker that in the end turned out to be someone pretty much unexpected thanks to all the red herrings thrown into the mix.

I liked both leading characters, Levi and Amy, and their "romance" was sweet and sexy, I kept looking forward to the scenes with Levi's brothers (in arms). I'm intrigued by Mammon (who's next in line for a book), and Thaus, and beyond curious as to "meet" the de facto Alpha of the bunch, Luc. Thaus was big, creepy, and moody, but apparently Luc is even more so. Hello, intrigue and curiosity.

Anyway, the pacing was good, the story flowed nicely, the suspense was intense and gripping, keeping the reader wondering, and on the edge of the seat in anticipation, and the resolution more than satisfactory. Yet another great addition to the series. Can't wait for more. ;)