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Claiming His Beauty by Ellis Leigh

— feeling amazing
Claiming His Beauty - Ellis Leigh

When Amber, the air witch, shows him a glimpse of a woman, Beast of the Feral Breed knows she's his mate. Even only a vision of her calls to him, beckons him. But he knows he can't have her. He's too late, she's lost to him, because the woman in the vision is pregnant.

His wolf close to the surface, suffering as much as the man is, Beast takes off, running away from the vision, and his desire...But Fate would not be deterred, for he runs straight to his mate...And there is no way he'd run away again, for Amber and her vision was right, his mate needs him...

Most of the time waiting is a pain, but sometimes it pays off handsomely and with interest. This is what happened with this series. Waiting for a good story, searching for plot amid "mating scenes" paid off with this book. With Beast's story.

I had a feeling he'd make the perfect hero when he first appeared in this series, and my gut wasn't wrong. Boy, was it right. Beast was everything I want from a romance hero. Tall, dark, handsome, scarred both way, but with an inner beauty, strength, and honor that make you stagger. He was protective, and hulking, without getting overbearing or forceful, the wolf and man completely in tune, working together to keep their mate safe, to gain and keep their mate's trust. If only there was such a man in real life. Gentle, caring, protective, a complete marshmallow on the inside (reading the epilogue almost made me melt), utterly belaying his somewhat scary "cover" of scars, tattoos, and piercings.
The contrast between a man's looks and his true nature was beautifully presented in this story, with a perfect counterpoint to our darling Beast.

I adored him, and I adored his mate for bringing out the best in her man, while also making him see he was worthy of anything he might want or desire. Calla truly was a perfect match for Beast, protective, resilient, and quite self-sufficient despite all life piled on her. She deserved a second chance, they both did, and they found each other to gain that second chance.

I can't tell you how happy I was for Calla to be pregnant, because that "obstacle" truly made the story come through, and the characters shine. I like the so-called mating scenes as much as the next gal, but damn, I was glad those took the back seat to the incredible love story between Beast and Calla.
For once we didn't have to go through the "we're mates, of course we love each other without never before meeting, let's fuck like bunnies for the rest of the story" spiel, but really got to know both characters, what made them tick, and see what drew one to the other, why they were worthy of having each other as mates, why they were compatible beside the peg-fits-in-the-hole thing.

There wasn't much suspense in this one, except for a brief glimpse into wider arc about the disappearing Omegas, and the whole local shifter pack doing bad things in the woods. I would've liked a more solid ending to the whole daddy issue, not knowing where the bastards is leaves a loose thread that's too ominous for my liking, but it's more a peeve than a complaint.

The story worked, from the first page to the last, the characters were great, their circumstances believable, the interactions wonderful, and the pacing was absolutely perfect. Not a step off, if you ask me. I would like for the next books in the series (I'm glad Savage Surrender wasn't a fluke) to follow the same path. I want more story. I need more story.

Because I absolutely loved this one.