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Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz

— feeling smile
Secret Sisters - Jayne Ann Krentz

Eighteen years ago a brutal night tore through Madeline and Daphne's lives, separating the two "secret sisters". Now, after her grandmother's sudden death, Madeline receives a call from the old caretaker of the rundown resort where her life was changed forever. She's too late, but with his dying breath, he opens up old memories and wounds, plunging Madeline into an investigation of just what her grandmother had hidden away all those years ago. An investigation that might just prove to be deadly.

I keep repeating myself, but there's just nothing better than a Krentz/Quick/Castle book to get someone back into the (right) reading groove. Although the characters are starting to get a little formulaic (at least in the hero department), the stories are still rather fresh and engaging, packed with just the right amount of (believable) romance, drama, page-turning action, and gripping suspense.

This one was no different (albeit, as mentioned, a bit formulaic in the character department). It kept me guessing just who the true villain was, the author kept killing off all the suspects, so I really had no idea, the romance was plausible and unobtrusive (although a bit rushed in the end, if you ask me), the supporting cast was perfect, and the roster of possible suspects varied (and getting smaller by the page).

The only gripe I have about this one, and it's also the reason for the low rating, is the fact toward the end it became more and more convoluted, adding and adding villains and their motives, until I wanted to scream "enough already!". There was one twist too many, if you ask me and it sort of took the spotlight from the first big villain-y reveal (which was a true gem of a surprise).

Still, better than average.