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Broken Silence by Karen Rose

Broken Silence - Karen Rose

A little girl is found at a crime scene, and VCET is called in. VCET whose new "boss", FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter, calls in his mate, State Attorney Daphne Montgomery, to help in coaxing a word, any word, out of the child. Joseph feels like a monster, making Daphne relive her childhood trauma that had made her unable to speak for eight months, yet again, but he knows she's their best bet.

This was a lovely little novella (the rating reflects the fact I didn't care for its shortness) that brings closure to Daphne and a nice coda to her and Joseph's story. It felt more like a slightly longer epilogue to Did You Miss Me?.

And despite its shortness, it had everything I've come to expect from a Karen Rose story—action, drama, suspense, romance, and just a little bit of humor to keep it from being too bleak. In the end, I was happy for Joseph and Daphne (congrats, you two), and excited to read more. Onto the next book, then.