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Die For Me by Karen Rose

Die For Me (Romantic Suspense, #7) - Karen Rose

A grave is uncovered in a snowed field outside of Philadelphia. Police canvass the surrounding area with a metal detector, finding five more possible resting places. Enlisting the help of an archaeologist, they discover a hidden graveyard with sixteen graves and (only) nine bodies.

And the killer already has a new body to fill one of his empty graves. But is he truly simply a sociopath, or are his motives more sinister than the police suspect?

I loved it from the first word. Wonderfully chilling suspense, a few secrets thrown in to keep things interesting, a perfectly (and fascinatingly) twisted killer, a to-die-for detective (I'm not ashamed to admit I fell head over heels for Vito "Chick" Ciccotelli, under his Alpha-ness he was just so über sweet), a feisty archaeologist of Amazonian build and some deep issues of her own, great supporting cast (with two heavy hints about the next two books, which I can't wait to tackle), a heavy dose of "history appreciation" thrown into the mix ("manna" for a history aficionado like me), lovely romantic undertones to provide a breather from the thriller parts...

A wonderfully crafted and delivered story.