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The Lost Testament by James Becker

The Lost Testament - James Becker

It took me three days to get to page 135. And not because I'm a slow reader. Everything else seemed to be slow, though.

The blurb (and the beginning) promised something akin to a Dan Brown novel (I know, I'm mentioning the guy a lot lately), but unfortunately it didn't deliver. At least not until the point I stopped reading. A book like this is supposed to suck you in and spit you out at the very end, not offer you tea and hope you'll stick around.
I don't like tea that much.

When, on the fourth day, I opened the book again, I just sighed when reading the first paragraph, closed it, and placed it in my to-give-away box. But I'll just probably give it away to the library. I know they won't resent me.