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New Year's in Napa by Elisabeth Barrett

New Year's in Napa (West Coast Holiday Book 2) - Elisabeth Barrett

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

If you want a cute, sweet, quick, and sexy read, I'd say go with an Elisabeth Barrett story. You simply can't miss. And she's done it again, with this new West Coast Holiday story, set two years after Christmas in Tahoe.

The hero and heroine of this story actually met in CiT, and created history. He offered, wanted everything in return, and she turned him down. Turns out she had her reasons, which were pretty valid once she shared them with him (and the reader). Maybe she went a bit overboard, but still, she had her reasons.
And she was determined to overcome them, or more specifically, not be all about work, but do something for herself for a change. Be a little selfish, if you will. And Liam, the hero, was more than willing to help her.

I won't give anything more away, so I suggest you read this one as soon as it's available, or request it via NetGalley like I did.

I'll just say this. I loved it from beginning to end. It was emotional, sweet, and sexy. It had two great protagonists, a wonderful supporting cast (I hope Stella gets her HEA in a future story), wonderful scenery of wine country, the requisite little twist toward the end (one that didn't bog the story down, but gave it that touch of realism, because real life isn't perfect as Romancelandia)...

Just read it, you won't be sorry.