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Kiss Me, Cowboy by Melissa McClone

Kiss Me, Cowboy - Melissa McClone

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

I just couldn't. Sheesh!

The prologue was nice, made my ears twitch (metaphorically speaking), made me pay attention. Then the attention curve plummeted, and finally completely blinked out somewhere in the middle of the book. And I just couldn't go on.

I. Didn't. Care.

I knew what would happen, of course. I knew how it would end. I just couldn't be bothered with getting there. Because there was just too much thrown into it. Stuff I didn't care. The hero talking to his horse about the heroine while inspecting fences. The heroine musing, and musing, and musing, and endlessly musing about the kiss she and the hero shared in the prologue, about how the hero didn't care for her, about how she wanted no one else but the hero...
Well, girl, do something! Open your mouth and speak! Be proactive instead of bemoaning your fate!

And the musing wasn't done solely on the heroine's part. There was the hero bemoaning his fate, constantly thinking about his crap parents (following the if-my-parent-were-crap-I-cannot-be-anything-but logic), about his inability or unwillingness to commit (again the crap-parents thing)...Yadda yadda yadda!

And the whole fixing-the-heroine-up-so-she-wouldn't-leave ploy was just idiotic. Maybe if the book was shorter, I don't know, by half, it would've been funny instead of pitiful.