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Detained by Ainslie Paton

Detained - Ainslie Paton

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

I can't believe I succeeded in reading it. Really, a feat worthy of Hercules if you ask me.

Well, it started out okay. Good premise, very Harlequin-like secretive hero, very Harlequin-like heroine, very Harlequin-like plot...Unfortunately, when that ended, the book didn't. And it all went downhill from that. A twist too many for my comfort, until it all got so damn repetitive, the plot twists more and more elaborate (and outlandish)...And still the author kept on piling and piling on all that unnecessary and utterly unneeded crap.

Until even the initial lukewarm enthusiasm disappeared and I just kept turning the pages (okay, sliding my finger on my eReader's screen) out of sheer boredom, rather looking forward to what Ms. Paton will come up with next.

And even that wasn't enough to raise the rating.