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Carved in Stone by Kate Douglas

Carved in Stone - Kate Douglas

***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Yet another book I just couldn't bring myself to finish. But with this one I admitted defeat even earlier. I just couldn't get into the story. The heroine has issues from the get go. Especially with chauvinistic men. Since the hero didn't strike me as that much of a chauvinist, the result was skipping to the middle of the story. There I discovered the depth of heroine's issues, so I skipped to the end (thinking that maybe she comes around in the end and that'll make me read the entire book from the start). Nope. I went with chapter 13 (out of 16) and was slapped in the face by the same issues. And then she ran. She blamed her father, she blamed her ex, she blamed everybody for her issues but herself...And I wanted to choke her. She finally came around at the very end and even then the hero came to her and not the other way around.

Ugh. I just couldn't. Sorry.