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Hard to Handle by Jessica Lemon

Hard to Handle - Jessica Lemmon
***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

A year ago he broke her heart, because he decided to take care of his dying mother, now he's back...And they end up together.

That's what I was able to glean from what I read. Because I was unable to finish it. I started it, stopped, and read the last few chapters. That's it.
I just couldn't get into it. Maybe because of the whole backstory between the two, maybe because of the unbelievability of the backstory between the two (the part about them never sleeping together while they were actually together was just too much out there for this day and age, but maybe I'm just jaded)...Maybe it was just the author's voice that wasn't up my alley.
And then the final few chapters introduced the 'other side' of the heroine, the hide-behind-a-wall type that doesn't emerge from behind that wall until it's almost too late...Such a cliché. I guess we were lucky there was no near-death experience involved.

This just wasn't for me.