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Targeted by Katie Reus

Targeted (Deadly Ops, #1) - Katie Reus

Sam Kelly, Marine sniper, died five years ago in Afghanistan. The same day Sam Kelly died, Jack Stone, NSA operative was born. New face, new identity, new past...Old memories. Filled with one woman, Sophie Moreno. The same woman who now works for a company the NSA is investigating as being possibly involved with smuggling of biological weapons. Jack is called in. To get close to Sophie, his boss orders, and find out what she knows.

It seems she knows a little too much since someone is taking shots at her...

Sometimes impulse buys pay off, and this book is one of them.

Well-written, well-paced, great characterization (the hero was just so 'wow', and though the heroine turned a bit annoying toward the end, I'm glad she wasn't whiny and swoony in the middle of all the action), wonderful action, good intrigue, nice romance...What more can I ask from a romantic suspense novel?
I especially liked the new identity/new face ploy. And the fact she (or her subconscious) recognized him. Awww. Be still my romantic heart.

I'm looking forward to the next books in this series, hoping Jack's friend Levi gets his own story. And yeah I think, Wesley Burkhart, the big bad boss, deserves his own book as well.