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Stolen by Jordan Silver

Stolen - Jordan Silver

I read the first chapter and went "Oh...Wow".

Read the rest of the story and went "Oh...Eew".

Written in first-person POW which I mostly hate (not counting the Fever series), no plot to speak of, one-dimensional characters...Okay, it's erotica smut, so who needs plot and realistic characters, right?

Well, sorry, but I do. When I read something, I expect for it to have a meaning and it was not written just so the author could write bad porn filled with dominance, submission, and punishment themes, crude language (less is more, people!).
I might have given it a higher rating (a star more, maybe) if the 10-inch meat sporting hero would not have STOLEN the heroine and conditioned her to stay with him. Stockholm syndrome, anyone?

Sorry, it just wasn't for me. And if it wasn't that short I might not have even finished it. *shudder*