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Do Or Die by Suzanne Brockmann

Do or Die - Suzanne Brockmann

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Reader's Note: This is just a 'quote', the full review will be posted closer to the release date.

The characters were realistic, well-delineated, 'multi-layered', and nicely fleshed-out.
The action was non-stop, full-throttle. And the writing, story-flow, and narration followed suit. There wasn't a slow, lagging or dull moment throughout the book.
And I loved the humor in it. It kept it from getting too serious, too dark at times. It provided lightness as perfect counterbalance.

This book was an wonderful blend of character-driven story, action, drama, well-placed angst, romance, and (sometimes snarky) humor. It was like watching a good action movie where you don't want to take your eyes off the screen in fear of missing something. And you want to keep watching and are a little bummed it ended. And that's what happened with this book. I wanted to keep on reading, because I loved every single 'minute' of it.