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Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett

Slow Summer Burn - Elisabeth Barrett

This is a very short version, for the full review, visit my blog.

Val Grayson has been the rock of his family, sacrificing everything, even sometimes his personal life, for his brothers, after their parents died. He’s the staid, calm, and silent Grayson brother, the oldest one by just a few years, but more of a father figure than brother to Cole, Seb, and Theo.

And even now, when they’re all grown up, leading their own lives, happy with their women by their sides, he still thinks like a daddy. Keeping them focused, keeping them centered, building a nest egg “just in case”. And they know it, they love him for it, but they all feel it’s time he thought of himself first and of them second.

If I had to sum this book up in two words it’s be something along the lines of: Oh. Wow.

I know I gushed about the first and third book in this series being great. But they don’t even come close to the older Grayson boy’s story. And, sorry Seb, Theo, and Cole, where I’m concerned, you simply cannot compete with your older brother.

I was looking forward to the suspense angle of this story, the resolution to the drug-trafficking case that was first mentioned in the first book, brushed against in the second, and featured more prominently in the third book in the series.

And the same goes for the Lorelei mystery and the three keys Lexie, Avery, and Julie found. The discovery was nicely done (maybe a little deus-ex-machina-ey) and I’m glad Ms. Barrett decided to go a different path than the full-on treasure chest.

As the previous book, the writing and narration were great, and the characters wonderfully drawn. The plot was tight, the different elements (romance, suspense, shipwreck) were well-woven in, and I loved every single page, every single minute I spent reading this story.

I’m sorry to see Star Harbor, its people, the Grayson brothers, and their women go, but I’m sure I’ll re-visit them soon.