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Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth Barrett

Blaze of Winter: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Elisabeth Barrett

This is a shortened version...For the long (and rant-like) review, please visit my blog.

In a writing funk (okay, it's a writer's block), Theo Grayson, known in the publishing world as T.R. Grayson, returns home to Star Harbor, hoping the winter season (his favorite) and the familiarity of the town will help him start writing again.

Instead it's the girl manning the reception at the inn, where he escapes after having spent too many days living on a houseboat with two of his brothers, that once more ignites his spark. The writing one...And the other one, as well.

I loved the first book, Deep Autumn Heat in this 'quartet' about the Grayson boys. And because I was immediately intrigued by the quiet one of the bunch, Seb's (the hero of DAH) twin brother, Theo, I couldn't wait to read his book. You know what they say about the quiet ones, right? Still waters etc.

I was glad to see it was his turn immediately after his twin brother, and I wasn't disappointed in him as the hero, his character, his personality, his passion for writing, his passion for...other things. I was disappointed by his heroine, though.

Otherwise, the story was nicely written, offering a cute little quasi-epilogue to the previous one with Seb and Lexie's wedding, and a great continuation of the 'main' suspense-arc with the drug-dealers and smugglers, which I'm sure will receive even more screen-time with the last two Grayson brothers working in law enforcement. And I'm curious as to how the legend of the Lorelei and the recovered two keys factor in the overall arc.

I'm giving this one 3 stars purely because of Theo and his brothers, the writing, and the suspense-plot that is starting to really to intrigue me. And the book doesn't get five stars thanks to the heroine and her multiple (and unexplained) issues.

Oh, and I can't wait to make the cake. ;)