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Starstruck (Harlequin Blaze #508) - Julie Kenner A story with loads of "meh factor". It just didn’t pull me in. Two people who have been friends for two years, are very much attracted to each other, but don’t want to act on their "feelings" for fear of destroying their friendship.Actually, he can’t do anything, because he’s firmly planted on the friend train (he could’ve made a move before, but didn’t want to be the rebound guy), and finally decides to act only when he realizes she’s getting ready to seduce someone else.She doesn’t want to act on anything between them, because she’s tried the whole friends-to-lovers thing and it didn’t work out. She lost both the lover and the friend. Also, she operates on a strange and extremely warped logic that just because he doesn’t have a steady job (he’s a freelance travel article writer currently working on his second book) and doesn’t save anything he gains – he appears not to have a retirement plan – he’s not marriage material. Yeah, that makes sense. Not!Anyway, once they get to New Mexico, he on a job, she’s just tagging along to seduce the other guy, who it turns out she doesn’t want to seduce after all, all bets (and clothes) are off, but there’s still that whole money-thing, and the fling-thing between them. He’s too similar to her father with his monetary "issues" (childhood trauma!) so the fling is perfect for her, he wants something more. Yadda, yadda, yadda…Which makes for quite a frustrating read.Definitely "meh".