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A Cowboy Christmas - Janette Kenny Ellie Jo Cade is filling in as housekeeper at a ranch, before going to San Francisco as teacher. She's informed at her arrival that she is to prepare the ranch owner's wedding in a week. Witch wouldn't be a problem if she actually knew how to cook...And if she didn't have another dirty little secret about her true purpose at visiting Wyoming.Reid Barclay has more serious things on his mind that Christmas. Someone is steeling his thoroughbreds, someone is trying to uncover his past, and he's getting married in a week. So why the heck is he so taken by his new temporary housekeeper to forget everything else?I love cowboy stories and I love Christmas stories, so this should've been a perfect combination for me. Sadly, it wasn't so. And that had mainly to do with execution. The story failed to pull me in from the get-go and things didn't improve. The characters were bland, the plot hole-y, it has a subplot too many for my liking, the pacing was stagnant, and I just didn't get the Christmas-y feeling such a story should convey.Disappointing.