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Stranger in a Small Town - Kerry Connor A double murder was committed thirty years ago, yet the memory is still rather fresh. And the woman restoring the Murder House, refusing to sell it and tear it down, is someone's thorn in the side. But not everybody sees it that way, since Maggie finally manages to find someone to help her with the house. But another stranger in town, asking all kinds of questions about the murder could only make things worse...Much worse, considering the secrets John Samuels is keeping.I read one of Ms. Connor's previous books and wasn't terribly impressed, but this story surprised me. In a very nice way. Nicely plotted and written, well-paced, intriguing, tension filled, and suspenseful, with a chilling backdrop of a small town where everybody knows everything about everybody, yet no one knows what truly happened thirty years ago, and surprisingly no one wants to know what happened thirty years ago.This close-quarter atmosphere worked nicely for the story, heightening the suspense, keeping the mystery alive and kicking, keeping the reader at the edge of the seat, wondering who the villain was. The truth packed quite a punch, since you truly won't see the truth coming.The only problem (though a minor one), was the heroine and her stranger and slightly over-the-top reaction on what she deemed a betrayal on the hero's side. They've known each other for a couple of days and she felt hurt that he didn't tell her his deepest, darkest secrets? Overreacting much?