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Dark Lover - J.R. Ward The last purebred vampire on the planet will soon face his fate. His dead brother's wish was for Wrath to help his daughter, a half-breed not knowing her true legacy, turn into a vampire. Wrath, and his pure blood, are Beth's only hope of surviving the change. The reluctant vampire decides to honor his friend's wish, but as soon as Beth is out of the woods, he's determined to find her a suitable male and move on...At least that was the plan, because the boy won't know what hit him.Succumbing to all the hype about this series, I decided to finally pop my BDB cherry and go for it, since the series has been on my Mount TBR for a while now. Unfortunately the first 50 pages into the story I couldn't see what the hype was all about. The book started torturously slow and rather boring.But a 100 pages into it I experienced something akin to what Wrath must have when Beth dropped into his lap (figuratively speaking). I didn't know what hit me. And I loved it.Yep, the story quickly picked up the pace, somewhere around the time the hero and heroine finally met face to face, or in their case, body to body *grin*. I loved the two of them together, I loved Beth a bit more, actually, which was somewhat surprising, since I mostly root for the male protagonists, but Wrath was just too immersed into his self-pity and vengeance for my taste. You know how they say that every man needs the right woman to come along? Well, Beth couldn't have come along at a better time to shake the big boy out of his funk. It was a slow, slightly painful process, but it sure was fun to watch.And Wrath's band of brothers was fun as well. I wish they were real, because I would kill to experience them together in a room, ribbing each other or just plain hang out, live. Their portrayal and those funny scenes were painted so vividly I could see them come to life in my mind. You gotta love'em boys.The whole "suspense" subplot with the turf war between the lessers and vampires, the twisted Mr. X and the big picture somehow flew above my head, making for a good respite between the scenes with the brothers and the tension between Wrath and Beth, but didn't make quite the impact I was expecting. But I guess that's mostly because of the first-book-in-the-series thing, when everything is mostly about world-building and character introduction.Beside the first 50 or so pages, I absolutely loved this book. And now I can confidently say I see what the hype is all about, and I can't help but agree with it.