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Cavanaugh Judgment (Cavanaugh Justice #18) (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1612) - Marie Ferrarella Two years ago she failed to save his wife, now she saves his life when a drug dealer shoots at him in the middle of his own courtroom. And just like that narcotics detective Greer O'Brien is tasked with protection detail for judge Blake Kincannon, despite her own misgivings about their "history" and his adamant refusal of needing a bodyguard. Maybe the man really does have a death wish...This was another good installment in Ms. Ferrarella's Cavanaugh Justice series, but not as good as the previous few books I read. And this time it had absolutely nothing to do with the heroine. I loved Greer to death with all her little idiosyncrasies, but mostly her wit and wicked sense of humor. I had a few problems with the hero this time. Blake was a tad too remote and locked-up for my taste, so the story should've been a little longer to accommodate his very, very slow change of mind. Instead it all seemed a bit rushed and a tad too unrealistic.The suspense was pushed into the background a little to showcase the romance, but since we're talking about the same romance that came across as a little rushed and forced, I certainly don't agree with that decision.Good but not as good as it could've been.