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Catch of the Day - Kristan Higgins Meet Maggie Beaumont. She’s in her early thirties, single, owns a diner and an old dog, is slightly envious of her married twin sister, likes to help people and has a huge crush on the local priest.She’s a little tired of being the town’s laughingstock due to said crush and the fact she likes to babble when nervous. And she’s even more tired of her mother’s constant griping about the lack of her love-life. Why doesn’t she follow her twin sister’s example, marry a nice doctor, leave her job at the diner and procreate? Yeah, why indeed? Because there are no available men around her, except for the priest…And a taciturn lobsterman with a perpetual scowl on his face. No, scratch that, he doesn’t like to talk and he’s ugly, scary and surly. Isn’t he?Gosh, Ms. Higgins has done it again. Despite my not liking first person POV stories, I just can’t stop myself from picking up her books. Her tone, narrative voice and writing style is addictive. The humor a little snarky and loads of fun, the plot running the entire gamut of emotions, from love to severe dislike, laughter to tears…And though the POV doesn’t grant us any peeks into other character’s minds (Malone in this case is still a complete mystery to me), what goes on in the heroine’s head is entertainment enough.Maggie seemed real, a little flawed, a little nuts, a little too doormat-y at first, a little confused…There’s a little of Maggie in all us women. She makes mistakes, she repents, she puts her foot in her mouth, everybody laughs at her, yet she takes it all in stride, hiding her loneliness and hurt behind a ready smile. She seems to be stuck on the road to nowhere, no husband, no kids, just an old dog and an old diner…Until Mr. Right comes along, yet she doesn’t know he’s Mr. Right until it’s almost too late.I loved the fact the story concentrated on Maggie’s everyday life more than anything else. It was a real treat walking around in her mind, discovering her with every page, looking at the world from her point of view. She was a great character and I wouldn’t mind visiting her again.