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Her Sheik Protector (Desert Sons #1) (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1618) - Linda Conrad This one turned out to be a surprisingly good read considering. Though the romance was a bit rushed, one of those "obsession at first sight" thingies and the heroine bothered me a little (okay, a lot). I actually ended up enjoying this story.It had a nicely-developed back-story, which I hope will evolve into a miniseries, great secondary characters, and some pretty good suspense. I loved the hero and his readiness to admit to his feelings and forget his alpha status for the right woman, adored the little interlude in the alps, and though the grand finale seemed a little cliché, I liked it as well.I'm actually looking forward to the possible sequels involving Darin's two bothers (one story is already in the making, I believe, judging from the info from the epilogue).UPDATE: According to Ms. Conrad's website we're in for a trilogy.