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Stolen Fury - Elisabeth Naughton Yeah, my exclamation in the only reading update for this book was quite right. This was an impulse buy (with the rest of the trilogy), based on the good reviews I read up here.Well, let me tell you, many more such impulse buys for me, please.This was a great mix of action, adventure, drama, angst, romance, and treasure-hunt. Great pacing, wonderful, fully-developped characters, great back-story, good, solid issues and character flaws, and one heck of a treasure-hunt plot keep things lively, and page-turningly interesting.Add to it a smokin' hot hero (love the accent), smokin' hot tension between the hero and heroine, resulting in a couple of explosive and scorching bedroom-tango scenes, lovely little tidbits about the falling-in-love part (boy, were they goners or not), loads of fun, humor, and laugh-out-loud scenes, great banter, and overall a well-rounded and developped story, and you have yourself a winner.I loved the fact not everything was concentrating on the hero-heroine dynamic and story. Ms. Naughton succeeded in making all the characters believable, to the point the reader wants to learn more about them, keep following them into the future.Thanks to the brief glimpses into the blurbs of the next two books, I won't be disappointed.Excellent! 5 stars