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Army of Two  (Eagle Squadron: Countdown #3) (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1621) - Ingrid Weaver Seventeen years ago he broke her teenage heart, now he's back and she has to trust him...Not with her heart, but her life.Wow, another great installment in the Eagle Squadron: Countdown miniseries. This time we get to see the squadron's leader, Major Mitch Redinger attempt to get his HEA. Of course the path is obstructed by the past, tension, angst, drama, anger and passion between him and Chantal Leduc, daughter of his former CO, ten years his junior, who used to have a huge crush on him when she was eighteen, and ended offering herself to him on a silver platter. An offer he refused, hence the tension.To add to his frustration is the fact a bunch of execs, a few military officers and a whole Aerie of staff has been taken hostage without apparent reason, and he's can't call his squadron for help, resulting in an him and Chantal mounting an offensive with an army of two. Talk about problems. And to complicate matters, there's that pesky little (strange) connection between him and Chantal...And the fact he seems not to be able to keep his hands off her.What is a guy to do?This was a great little suspense story with three strong fronts, great suspense with the hostage situation, great tension thanks to the issues of the past, and great tension thanks to the present and the fact the hero and heroine are thrust together, having to work on their issues fast if they want to stay alive.Great tension, great intrigue, great suspense, great attraction, great characterization (I didn't even mind the heroine's sometimes TSTL stubbornness)...All in all, a great story.